J-SIL Syringe Filter



J-SIL Syringe Filter are simply quality filters, well packaged, and offered at a fair and competitive price. Typical applications are clarification, sterile filtration, sample preparation, sterile venting and medical applications. The syringe filters are available in many different pore sizes and with several hydrophilic or hydrophobic membrane materials.ISO9000 certified manufacturing is carried out to the highest standards, in certified clean room conditions, using the latest manufacturing technology to ensure a high quality, consistent product.


  • Application compatibility: Broad range of filtration media meets diverse application needs
  • Minimum sample hold-up: Syringe filter's housings are specifically designed to maximize sample recovery
  • Convenience: Each unit is clearly marked with an identifying code to denote pore size, membrane material
  • Sterility: Filters can be purchased pre-sterilized by Gamma radiation and individually packaged


  • HPLC sample preparation
  • Routine QC analysis
  • Content uniformity
  • Removal of protein precipitates
  • Dissolution testing
  • Food analysis
  • Biofuel analysis
  • Environmental samples